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How to Keep Your Online Data Protected

Have you ever wondered who is on the other side of the internet? Can they see what you are doing? Do they have access to your data? The internet is one big connected network, and anyone can access your information if it is not well protected. Everybody should protect their data since cyber-bullying and cyber-crimes have been on the rise. To keep yourself from falling victim to such crimes, you should ensure your online activity and history is protected. Here are a few ways on how to keep your data protected.

Check Your Social Sites

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Most of your information might be on social sites. This includes your emails, phone numbers, addresses and even photos. All this information plus more is visible to the world. Anybody with access to the internet can access your information. You could check the privacy settings of the social media website and hide this information from the public. This keeps your data controlled, and you have no worries about leakage. You can also choose the people that can view this information if you want them to have it. This is crucial because most of our data is on social media sites, and we might not know.


When visiting a website, your browser can disclose some of your information, such as location. Some sites ask if they can access your location and you should always pick no unless you want them to know this information. The information disclosed by your browser also includes your browsing history. Advertisers tend to seek and use this information to bring you advertisements based on your surfing history. You should utilize private browsing features to avoid internet tracking.

Install a VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network that lets you surf anonymously on any web. This can help you protect your files, especially if you travel a lot and use public internet connections. VPNs encrypt all the files you send and receive, let you browse in complete anonymity and protect you from hackers. To secure your data, you need to install a VPN if you have not already.

Simple security measures such as having passwords and locks for all your devices can also help you protect your data. Your phone, tablet and computer should all have locks, and all the apps in them should be password protected as well to have maximum data security.