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First Things to Do Upon Losing Your Mobile Phone

It can really be a big problem when you lose our phone. You may have to think of ways to communicate with your contacts. You may not also know if there are important messages or calls after you lost your mobile. Things may also look worst if your phone landed on the palms of criminals. It can truly be mind-boggling if you do not know how to locate your phone.

Indeed, a mobile phone has become a vital part of almost everyone’s life. It must be the most convenient device for communication nowadays. Losing it can incapacitate us in many ways. When that happens, you should be in control of the moment and have the presence of mind. You have these things to do, and you should act immediately.

Locate Your Phone ASAP

phoneWasting some time before locating your phone may be too late. You should try to find it where you think you lost it. You can also make use of some apps that can be installed in exclusively on android phones. You can make use of the Android Device Manager, but before that, you should have a Google Account that is connected to your phone to be able to locate android phone. You can ring it in silent mode, lock it, and remove contents. You can also make use of the Android Tracking Apps, where you can locate your lost phone through GPS. There are also other Google apps that can help in such a situation.

Contact Your Operator

If you haven’t activated tracking apps on your phone, you have to contact your operator using another phone. You can let your phone be deactivated by locking it and removing all the contents in it. You can also ask the provisions that apply to a lost mobile phone.

Inform Everyone

Once you lost your phone, you should let your family, friends, business partners, and your workplace know that you have lost your phone. You can use you’re your social media accounts or your landline phone to do so. They may have some messages for you, and you should not let them worry about why you are not answering their messages or calls.

taking picture with phoneContact Your Bank

If it took several hours before you noticed that your phone is missing or there is no way to lock it and remove all its contents, you must contact your bank and report the incident to the police. If you placed your bank accounts and other pertinent details on your phone, the most astute criminals could easily access them even if there is a password. It is also essential to report to the police because offenders can use it to perpetrate crimes.