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Key Things You Should Know About Using an Electronic Signature

Technology has completely transformed how we do things, especially in the business sector. With the aid of technology, businesses have greatly enhanced their operations, greatly improving service delivery. Areas in place that have benefited most from technology include marketing, supply chain, and delivery.

As we shift from paper-based documents to digital ones, one technological invention that is standing out is electronic signatures. Contracts must have signatures appended for them to be valid, and now you can do this digitally. You can upload your document at https://www.viewpdf.com/sign-pdf.html to sign it electronically without any hassle.
In this article, we look at the things you should know before using an electronic signature.

What Is the Nature of the Signature?

what is the nature of the signatureA digital copy of your signature appended to a document does not make it an electronic signature. If a document has a digital copy of your signature, it only shows your intent to sign the document. The person or party receiving the document does not have any means they can use to verify the validity of the signature.

Electronic signatures must be valid and must use technology based on the E-sign act enacted in 2000. This technology enables you to digitally append a signature that can be validated on top of capturing the intention to sign.

Do You Require Third Party Security Certifications?

The internet has simplified how we carry out our operations, but it has also opened an avenue for online fraud. If you are not careful, you can be conned by a person pretending to be someone they are not. That is why many businesses use licensed third parties to verify the validity of a signature.

Since it is just an image of your signature in the document, the signature must be verified to prove that it is yours. Just because a document contains your electronic signature, it does not imply that the signature is there with your knowledge or permission hence the need for third-party verification.

What Is the Cost of Third-Party Security Certifications?

A digital signature in a document is not legally valid proof of signature until a licensed third party has verified it. If your subscription to these third party services is active, the electronic signature holds a legal validity. Your electronic signature becomes no longer valid if you stop using digital signature services.
Third-party electronic signature certification is not a one-time cost. You have to keep on paying for these services. The moment you stop, your digital signature expires, and you can no longer legally enforce it in documents.